Performance Management and improvement

Performance Management and improvement

For a company that is looking for ways to improve its overall performance with the aim to unlock value, we can identify what drives the value of the business, prepare a pragmatic yet solid improvement plan, assist in implementing solutions to monitor performance, ensure performance focus is embedded in the way of working and well anchored in the company

What we do


We believe that effective decision-making results in high performance, which in turn drives value creation. We support effective decision-making by bringing together the right vision, facts, people & actions.

Both for ad-hoc milestone decisions, as for recurring insights via financial and business reporting, we provide tailored and pragmatic support as a trusted financial partner.


How we make a difference


We bring a senior team to the table, with experience in both M&A as corporate roles. From this experience, we know what drives a business, how to look at its performance and how to improve it.

We have the skills and experience to connect and align business, IT and finance and act with respect for your company culture, ensuring the right team fit.

When relevant to you


We can help you with milestone decisions, such as a transformation of your business model, integration of recent acquisitions, planning an exit in the coming years, or other strategic decisions (e.g divesting an activity, internationalization, ..).

In addition, we help you with setting up financial & business reporting, to provide insight in the profitability drivers and cash flow of your business, and increase the financial accountability within your organization.

4 phases


The diagram in the below illustrates how we typically engage in performance projects applying our four phased approach, in close cooperation with your team. Where appropriate, focus or priority will be given on only one or two phases.

By hovering over the different phases in the diagram below, the main contents of each phase are detailed:


Phase 1

  • We facilitate workshops and perform the relevant analyses to provide help you in objectifying your decision-making process based on the right facts and figures.
  • Depending on your need, the content will vary. It can range from a specific analysis on the profitability of a business unit (perhaps including a business plan and valuation), all the way to a detailed evaluation and optimization of your business model and its drivers.

Phase 2

  • We will help you translate Phase 1 decisions into a financially supported business plan, and further into an actionable implementation plan. In this process, we will onboard the right people, ensuring commitment in the further execution of the plan.
  • For integrated assignments, these recommendations will include changes in team structure, accountability, and governance, as well as the set-up of operational and financial processes and required reporting to monitor execution.

Phase 3

  • We can coordinate the implementation of the improvement plan. Together with your team, we will design and implement processes. At different levels in the business we will coach people and assist in meetings, to ensure that the actions taken reflect the strategic plan and the insights gained.
  • We have the in-house expertise to build a tailored reporting tool, ensuring the relevant KPI’s are tracked for execution your plan. Other expertise can be sourced from our eco-system – we can coordinate with tax, legal, operational, strategy and/or IT advisors to ensure proper implementation of the foreseen action plan.

Phase 4

  • Depending on your need, we can remain on board for a limited period of time. This way, next to following up performance, we can help to assure that all knowledge is transferred, and the new ways of working are being adopted in the company.


Hotel Hungaria was initally a producer of different TV programs (a.o. "Dagelijkse Kost"). The shares are in hands of the founding partners. When starting working with Hotel Hungaria their margin was under pressure and they were looking for a partner to guide them in the transofrmation they required.

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