Business & financial modelling and model reviews

Business & financial modelling and model reviews


Need a solid business plan or cash flow model?

Want to evaluate different strategic scenarios?

Require a model audit for your (bank) financing?

Want to evaluate the impact of your tax structuring?

Want to perform a cost-benefit analysis?

What we do

Financial models can be used to support your more critical business decisions. We organise your data and provide you with simple insights on complex business issues. We always make sure to provide the right balance between the required level of detail and the needed pragmatism.
Most models we build are made in excel and are made for your specific needs only. We not only build models but also review existing models for their arithmetical accuracy, internal consistency and consistency with all relevant documentation.

Our approach

We use a multi-stage approach to develop business and financial models and support your decisions. Our models use the FAST modelling standard but often deviate from the latter for reasons of user friendliness and client specific needs. We always aim for the right balance between pragmatism and the required level of complexity. Our model reviews in principle require three iterations and focus on the important elements. We distinguish between "must have" changes and "nice to have" changes.

When relevant to you

Typically we can assist you in the following contexts:

  • Bid models are financial models constructed for tender procedures or M&A transactions.
  • Feasibility models are typically built in the planning phase of a project balancing estimated costs and revenues. They help to determine the feasibility of a project and serve as a communication tool between stakeholders.
  • Scenario modelling often forms the basis for investment appraisal or corporate decision-making in the context of the launch of a new product, market or in general a change in strategic direction.
  • Fiscal models are made in detail and quantify the impact of the fiscal (re)structuring you envisage and provide you with better insight on the decision you take.
  • Do you want an audit on your financial model in the context of a M&A or project finance transaction, or just for internal audit purposes? A model audit provides a review of the model’s logic, its consistency with financial and contractual documentation and with local GAAP and tax, and a sensitivity review.