Transaction diligence and advice

Transaction diligence and advice


Buying a company and need comfort?

Need a Due Diligence?

Need support in your negotiations?

Want to carve-out a business?

Difficulties servicing your debt?

Raising capital or substantial (re)financing?

What we do

If you are considering a transaction, due diligence and advice will help you cover the risks and protect your interests. We execute thorough analyses to cover these risks, and advise you on how to mitigate them.

Our approach

We advise you in tailoring the scope of the work to be done, based on the specific context of the situation. We work closely together, communicating potential issues as soon as we encounter them, and changing our approach on-the-go if needed. We give a clear opinion based on the results of the analyses we've done. We integrate data analytics if and where relevant to maximise efficiency and provide additional insights and prepare an interactive dataset. We liaise with your tax advisors or integrate work done by our partnering tax due diligence provider to ensure all relevant matters are covered.

When relevant to you

Typically we can assist you in the following domains:

  • We perform buy-side due diligence on M&A acquisition targets, also providing support for the SPA and closing accounts.
  • We perform vendor due diligence, providing an independent report on which your potential investors can rely.
  • We can execute various financial analyses and specified procedures to support decision making or settle disagreements.
  • Independent business reviews to review the financial position of a company in light of debt refinancing.
  • We can prepare a carve-out of a business unit, building pro forma accounts in line with the scope of the transaction.