Valuations for transaction, tax & other purposes

Valuation services

What we do

Both listed and privately held companies use our services to get insight in the value of an asset or business. We value all types of businesses and assets except for pure real estate. For specialist real estate advice we team up with the advisor of your choice or one of our trusted advisors.

Our approach

We not only distinguish ourselves in the market through our profound expertise, but also through our pragmatic approach. We always try to harmonise the right valuation techniques with common business sense. A valuation is more than mathematics. Different valuation methods will be considered dependent on the subject asset and / or business.

When relevant to you

Typically we can assist you in the following domains:

  • We perform independent value and fairness opinions for regulatory purposes, minority transactions and transactions between family members or otherwise related parties.
  • We produce valuation estimates of economic losses in the context of disputes.
  • We determine the fair market value of intangible assets (e.g. brands, client relationships, technology, etc.) and businesses in the context of corporate (re)structurings.
  • Through valuation advice we can support you during the M&A process, both at vendor and buyer side.
  • We support you in the valuation of your business in a scale-up phase.
  • We perform Purchase Price Allocation exercises and impairment testing in relation to both local and international accounting standards.
  • We can assist with strategic valuation advice evaluating the value impact different strategic choices might have on your business.


Do you need valuation advice in your M&A process?

Need to value management incentive plans?

Buying out minorities or family shareholder?

Need a fairness opinion?

Valuation required in a (tax) (re)structuring?

Need a PPA or an impairment test?

Quantify the loss of business in a dispute?