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We help companies to overcome its challenges, improve overall performance and unlock value through a structured approach

We identify the value drivers but also the challenges of your business and determine a realistic business plan.

We define the financing solution and actively support in obtaining this financing.

Together with management, we co-create a pragmatic yet solid improvement plan focusing on

  1. People (team, culture and governance),
  2. The link between your operational and financial processes with your business strategy, and
  3. Transparent business and financial reporting

We translate the improvement plan into a tangible financial forecast providing a clear view on expected cash flow results or requirements.

Through our consultative approach, we ensure buy-in of all relevant internal and external stakeholders.

We can monitor the management reporting process to evaluate the plan’s execution.

Support your company in the gradual evolution towards a culture of performance. Here we act as a continuous sounding board for your strategic and business decisions.

You need to gain more business and financial insights in order to understand what is preventing you from unlocking your full potential

You’re convinced a turnaround is possible but need assistance to articulate your business plan and translate this into actions and financing solutions

You need an independent party to assess the ability of the company to fulfill its obligations

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