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Service: Transactions

Jens De Witte

Prior to joining LDS in June 2023, Jens completed a 4-month internship at the M&A boutique VDP, where he gained valuable insights in the field of mergers and acquisitions. He holds a Master’s degree in business economics with a specialization in Corporate Finance pursued by an advanced Master in Banking and Finance, both from the University of Ghent.

During his education Jens developed a robust foundation of topics such as valuation and financial analysis. He also did a research internship about the impact of new implemented investment firm regulation (IFR/IFD) on the capital structure of investment firms at the RegTech company Regnology.

At LDS, Jens is mainly focused on valuation and due diligence projects.

Languages: Jens is natively speaking Dutch and fluent in English.

Soft skills: Collaborative, problem-solving and flexible

Favorite Music: Replay – Iyaz

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